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Are you vacation ready?

It is now prime vacation season, is your wardrobe ready to go.  If not, then spend some time shopping for all the great new summer fashions and accessories that are available right now.

 You should always have some basic fashion staples in your suitcase when you leave for your destination.  Plenty of shorts (jeans and cotton), tops (halter & tank), at least two bathing suits and a comfortable pair of flip flop for that long day on the beach.  Don't forget to pack that cute maxi dress for that dinner party or night out on the town, causal is best but don't forget at least one dressy outfit.  You never know what great party you might get invited to.  A fashion forward woman should always be prepared for anything.  

So when you head out to your vacation destinations just remember to always look your best, have fun and stay safe.  

Denise Brewer -Owner.                                                                                                         Exurbia Boutique 

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